Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valerie answers "23" from the Literary Fashionista

A month ago, I had the chance meet the Literary Fashionista, Kanani, at the Glam God viewing party. We quickly became friends and chatted about the business of beauty. She told me about her blog and I recognized her blog from Chris M.'s introduction. By the end of the evening she said she would love for me to answer the "23" a questionnaire for Fashion Professionals on her blog. So here are my answers......

I also wanted to include this picture which was taken last year, of 2 of my favorite parents. I believe it was my Dad's 80th birthday and he took us to dinner.

Valerie, Dad and Mom

Omar Benson Miller

I'm a film buff and love to go to film festivals when I get a chance. Last year my girlfriends and I went to the ABFF. We saw several good movies over that weekend but the last movie we saw, Gordon Glass, turned out to also be our favorite. We loved the story and found out that the main character, Omar Benson Miller, was also the writer and director. I had never heard of Omar and was so impressed that this (I thought) newcomer, could do such a great job. Imagine my delight when I met him at an industry party. I ran up to him ranting and raving about his movie, Gordon Glass. He was so nice and allowed me take a picture with him. He said that he had 2 new projects coming out and it turns out to be Spike Lee's, Miracle at St. Anna (I loved his role as "Train" the Chocolate Giant) and the first black Heisman trophy winner movie, The Express. Congratulations to Omar and I'm looking forward to his future projects...

Omar Benson Miller and Valerie