Monday, December 22, 2008

Fahionberry Editorial Spread

One of the last photo shoots we did at CS Studios was for an online magazine called Fashionberry. The 6-page spread just came out and here is my favorite shot from the layout.

Fashionberry Editorial, Model: Courtney, hair/make-up:

Check out the entire fashion layout featuring the eclectic designs of Kafkca Couture.......

CS Studio Closed (for now)

Last month, after 10 years, we closed our beloved photography rental studio. It was kinda of hard to finally walk away, I loved having my own studio to work out of, but it was time to make a change. I remember when we (my 2 friends Mirenda and Nathan) first came to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I had a vague idea of having a photo rental studio, but knew nothing about what it would entail. I have always been a learn as you go kind of person and after lots of trial and error, it wasn't long before we (Mirenda helped me manage the studio) had a great space. In the first 5 years we did lots of parties, art gallery shows, small movies, documentaries, name it. It was a blast and everyone loved using and working in our space.

In the second 5 years, I concentrated more on providing a space for photography photo shoots. It went by fast and before I new it the lease was up. I decided that I would like to own my next space so we decided to close and take a break. I can say that it is a relief but I am really missing my own space to work in. Luckily, there are a lot of good rental spaces available so now I can be a customer.......

Here are a few images that show our studio memories from the last 10 years.......

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio A

Val and Model Julie in hair/make-up room

Photographer Alan Mercer, Singer Leah Sadler and Val in Studio B after Leah's photoshoot

Evil Genius Viewing Party in Studio A

Model: Krista in back alley behind the studio...Photographed by

Val, DimitryL., Carrie Keagan and stylist Nikkie during photoshoot

Art show for Dan Wooster in studio A

Original CS Studio Lobby circa 1999-2006

Artist Dover Abrams and Mirenda in front of CS Studio during a sidewalk art show back in the day!!

Ya'll stay tuned......We'll be Back!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Elect, Barack Obama

Yes, America Can!!!

Our new President elect, serves as a reminder to us that anything is truely possible!! He is a reminder on how to keep our dreams and aspirations alive, even when it seems impossible to achieve. Congratulations to Mr. Obama and family and to America on a job well done.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Hair

Anyone who knows me as a hairstylist, knows that I love big hair. I learned to do big elaborate hairdos, as a teen and even though they are not in style much anymore, I still love to create these looks. So about 2 months ago, DimitryL. and I shot our fave model, Courtney. And I made the hair big!! So I was thrilled to see that my vision is right on track with the new W Magazine cover out this month with Anne Hathaway and a similar hairstyle.

October W Magazine

Anne Hathaway, October W Magazine

Anne Hathaway, October W Magazine

Now, here are the pictures that DimitryL. and I came up with 2 months ago. I'll let you decided which series you like better.... hee hee Courtney did an amazing job and her stylist friend, Victoria pulled some amazing vintage outfits.

Model: Courtney

Model: Courtney

Model: Courtney

Big Thanks to my buddy, Stylist Chris M. for the W Magazine pictures.......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valerie answers "23" from the Literary Fashionista

A month ago, I had the chance meet the Literary Fashionista, Kanani, at the Glam God viewing party. We quickly became friends and chatted about the business of beauty. She told me about her blog and I recognized her blog from Chris M.'s introduction. By the end of the evening she said she would love for me to answer the "23" a questionnaire for Fashion Professionals on her blog. So here are my answers......

I also wanted to include this picture which was taken last year, of 2 of my favorite parents. I believe it was my Dad's 80th birthday and he took us to dinner.

Valerie, Dad and Mom

Omar Benson Miller

I'm a film buff and love to go to film festivals when I get a chance. Last year my girlfriends and I went to the ABFF. We saw several good movies over that weekend but the last movie we saw, Gordon Glass, turned out to also be our favorite. We loved the story and found out that the main character, Omar Benson Miller, was also the writer and director. I had never heard of Omar and was so impressed that this (I thought) newcomer, could do such a great job. Imagine my delight when I met him at an industry party. I ran up to him ranting and raving about his movie, Gordon Glass. He was so nice and allowed me take a picture with him. He said that he had 2 new projects coming out and it turns out to be Spike Lee's, Miracle at St. Anna (I loved his role as "Train" the Chocolate Giant) and the first black Heisman trophy winner movie, The Express. Congratulations to Omar and I'm looking forward to his future projects...

Omar Benson Miller and Valerie

Saturday, August 23, 2008

ABC Family's New Hit Show

My friend, hot new actress, Francia Raisa, is the bad girl in ABC's new summer hit "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." I have to say that I am hooked on the show. She was on hand for Disney And ABC's "TCA - All Star Party." I did her make-up, of course........

Francia also had a nice article in Valley Life Magazine. Dimitry L did the photo and yours truly did the Hair and Make-up.......

Francia in Valley Life Magazine

Friday, August 22, 2008

Glam God with Vivica A. Fox

My friend, Stylist Chris Mannor, has jumped in with both feet into the world of reality TV. He is one of the stylists vying for the top prize on Vivica Fox's new VH1 show, Glam God. We had a chance to view the first episode and it was filled with lots of action as Chris' group wound up in the bottom 2. He narrowly escaped being sent I have to watch next week to see how he redeems himself. In the meantime- check out his hilarious blog.

Chris M and Dimitry L at the Glam God viewing party

Dimitry L and Valerie at the Glam God viewing party

The Literary Fashionista, Kanani, Chris M., Valerie and Dimitry L. at the Glam God viewing party

Friday, August 15, 2008

Krista's Alter Ego

Krista and her stylist, Rachel Zimmerman, came up with this fabulous look for her to try......The results, with photography by DimirtryL., were amazing. Check out more images on my website under doubles.

Model: Krista

Valeriya's Photo Shoot

My Russian namesake, model, Valeriya and I during our beauty photo shoot. We had a fabulous time as you can see from our smiles.

Valeriya and Valerie

Here is the beauty shot......


Behind the Scenes with Actress Scout-Taylor Compton

DimitryL. and I along with Stylist Toni Ferrara, did this editorial shoot for up-and-coming Actress Scout Taylor-Compton.

Valerie and Scout

Dimitry gives Scout a few pointers on how to pose for this shot.

Scout and DimitryL.

This is the final can see the rest of the spread on my website under doubles. Scout did her thing......

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hollywood Black Film Festival

DimitryL. and I had a amazing week last week at the Hollywood Black Film Festival. This was the 9th year of an incredible line-up of films, panels, networking and of course, parties. Dubbed the "Black Sundance" this festival is a visionary beam of light for independent black filmmakers, giving them opportunity and access to directly interact and meet with other key industry professionals. They're motto "Access. Opportunity. Deals." speaks to the atmosphere fostered to make a filmmakers' dream come to life.

Dimitry and I were invited by Blue Entertainment PR, to participate by setting up the first HBFF Celebrity Portrait Studio. We were able to take some fantastic pictures of a cross-section of talented celebrities. I also had a chance to work with the Founder and Executive Director of the HBFF, Tanya Kersey, doing her make-up. She is a really amazing woman who I admire for her tireless work and vision in helping the independent filmmaker community by creating such an exciting and innovative festival.

We look forward to participating again next year. As it will be the HBFF 10 year Anniversary, it will be a festival not to be missed. I will keep you posted.

DimitryL and I at the HBFF Whtie Party

Writer/Director of the film, Deadmeat, Q and I at the HBFF White Party

Tanya Kersey and I at the HBFF Celebrity Portrait Studio

Bleu Entertainment PR owner, Cecy Galvan and I at the HBFF closing party

DimitryL. and Cecy Galvan at HBFF White Party

First time Filmmaker, Mo Hines and I at the HBFF closing party.

Mo's film "Choices" showcased his writing, producing and acting talents.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Photo Shoot

My favorite Photographer, Dimitry L. and I are always doing shoots in between our regular projects. This gives us a chance to try new concepts and work with some of our favorite models. We did this amazing shoot with soon to be (in my opinion) Top Model, Krista, and models Sydney and Zee. The results were amazing......

Models: Zee, Krista, Sydney, Photo:

Krista and Valerie during Hair and Make-up

Looking at this picture.....I think we could both sign up for Colgate commercials.....

Valerie and Sydney after the shoot

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Photo Shoot with America's Next Top Model Winner, Saleisha Stowers

If you are not a teenage girl, you probably don't know how popular the TV show, America's Next Top Model is. I happened to catch a few episodes early from last cycle and got hooked, watching it every week. I really liked the photo shoot portions (since I do a lot of photo shoots) and at the end they did a couple of cool shoots in China. Saleisha Stowers beat out everyone to become the winner! So a few months later when we had a chance to do a photo shoot with her, I was really excited. The shoot location was the Los Angeles Zoo (Big shout out to Jason Jacobs, Director of PR, who made our shoot a breeze) What a beautiful is a sample of one of the shots.....the rest of the shoot along with a small interview from Saleisha, can be seen at Thanks to DimitryL., photographer;, Stylist; Eileen K, Styling Assistant.

America's Next Top Model Winner, Cycle 9: Saleisha Stowers

(L-R): Publicist: Drew, Stylist: Toni, Model: Saleisha, Photographer: Dimitry, Hair/Make-up: Me

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dimitry L., Chris M and I at LA Direct Magazine Feburary Issue Party

I'm starting to get out more, Hurray!! ....Here are some pictures with Dimitry L. and Stylist Christopher M. at the LA Direct Magazine February Issue party held at the new hot "it" club, Goa in Hollywood. I have to say that I've been to a few of the top Hollywood clubs, lately, but Goa is probably the most beautifully designed one I've seen. The Indian theme is breathtaking. I had a blast people watching and even spotted a few celebs.

Dimitry L. and I at the LA Direct Feb. Issue Party

Chritopher M. and I at the LA Direct Feb. Issue Party

Thursday, February 21, 2008

LA Direct Spread for February with Brittny Gastineau

Here is the opener for the LA Direct Magazine fashion spread we (Photographer Dimitry L. and I) did with reality star, Brittny Gastineau. We did the shoot at the upscale Parc resturaunt and lounge in Hollywood. Christopher M. did a wonderful job styling Miss Brittny. We did the whole shoot in a little under 5 hours for 5 looks. And that was with time taken by Brittny for an interview and behind the scenes shoot with a camera crew. For the complete spread, check out my site.

me and Brittny after the shoot

Photographer: Dimitry L. and Brittny ater the shoot.