Monday, December 17, 2007

LA Direct Magazine Fashion Spread for December

Here is the opener for the December issue of the LA Direct Magazine fashion spread I did with photographer
Dimitry L. We shot this in downtown LA and the model, Xian, was amazing. For the complete spread, check out my site.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Olly Girls

I had a chance to work with
The Olly girls from E! television's #1 show, Sunset Tan, on a 6 page fashion spread for LA Direct Magazine. We actually met a while ago when they came to visit Sam Sarpong when we (DimitryL. and I) were doing a shoot with Sam at my studio. We shot the LA Direct spread at Seven in Hollywood and had a blast. The girls are really funny and are enjoying their popularity as Sunset Tan's dynamic duo.....stay tuned to see if they get re-hired.

(L-R): Molly, Valerie, Holly

Marlena Shaw and Me

A few months ago, my friend, photographer Alan Mercer and I had a chance to work with the legendary singer, Marlena Shaw!! She was performing in San Diego at this great supper club called Anthology.

We met with Miss Shaw before her gig and had breakfast with her and then did a quick photo shoot. What an amazing woman.....she was warm and funny, and captivated us with stories about some of her great adventures through the years in the music industry. Check out her site for more info on her available music. Many thanks to Alan for thinking of me for the shoot. It was a fantastic experience I will never forget.

©Alan Mercer, Make-up: Valerie

Me and Miss Shaw at the end of the shoot!

Valerie and Miss Marlena Shaw

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Virgin Love" a musical commedia

Ricardo Montalban Repertory Theatre Company presents:
Tim Groff's Virgin Love.
Directed by Felipe Alejandro, Produced by David Llauger-Meiselman, lyrics by Tim Groff and music by A. Torres-Salazar

Poster Art by Lawrence S. Smilgys

This is the Poster for the play that I am currently working on. It is hilarious take love on the mythical island of Latinia. I designed the make-up and my friend, Bryson Conley, designed all the hair. If you are in Los Angeles, come and enjoy a funny ensemble play.

Click here for a sneak preview.....

Opening night is Friday October 26th and runs for 4 weekends (Thurs.- Sunday) Tickets are available from or call 323 461-0663. Hope to see you there!!

The Hair and Make-up Crew behind the Scenes at Virgin Love

Rochelle, Valerie, Bryson

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dimitry and I at Sterling Williams Benefit Fashion Show

I never go out any more....I don't know when that happened but.....oh well I finally got a chance to go out when Dimitry and I were invited to the hot club, Social, in Hollywood for a Sterling Williams benefit fashion show. It was fun to be out and about with the who's who of Hollywood for this cool event benefiting Aids awareness.

Dimitry L. and I at Social in Hollywood

Dimitry L. and designer Sterling Williams at Social in Hollywood

Designer Sterling Williams and I at Social in Hollywood

One Model 2 looks

This was a fun shoot Dimitry and I did with model, Julie Pham. I love the black outfit and she added this little hat that made the look. Dimitry always comes up with great locations and found this cool sign to shoot next to.

Dimitry and Julie

The final Look.

Model: Julie, Hair/Make-up:

Here I am with Julie again and by using a wig we changed her look, totally. If you see the pictures side by side, you can barely tell it's the same girl. I love doing quick changes like that.

Me and Julie in hair/make-up.

This is such a cool look!

Model: Julie, Hair/Make-up:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sherri Shepherd on the View

Make-up: Adam Christoper: Hair:

Congratulations!!! To my friend Sherri Shepherd for being chosen as the new, permanent co-host of The View. After spending a year being a guest-host (23 times), she finally was chosen for the job! Now the real fun begins.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Me and Berry Gordy Continued

I just discovered the brilliant tribute that my friends at Lipstick, Inc. put together about Motown founder, Berry Gordy, for the Rick Weiss Humanitarian Award he won last year. I was on hand (to do make-up) when the interview portion with Mr. Gordy was shot at his home. And as you can see by the picture, Mr. Gordy was both charming and warm. That will be a day I will never forget. So check out this wonderful tribute about a living legend and business genius.....Thanks Lipstick, Inc., you did an amazing job.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Heather Hyde Shoot

Dimitry and I had the pleasure of working with hot new Hollywood Jewelry designer, Heather Hyde. Heather specializes in one-of-a kind custom pieces that she creates by hand. A-list celebs like Eva Longoria, Christina Ricci, Halle Bery, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, just to name a few, wear her amazing designs. We shot on 2 one was with 5 models....3 looks 5 hours. Whew....that was a busy day of both hair and make-up for me. But I love a challenge as much as love doing both hair and make-up.

Here's one of the models with a great necklace and earring set.

Model: Natalie, Hair/Make-up:
Photo:, Jewelry:

Here's another Necklace and bracelet set that I have to have.

Model: Allie, Hair/Make-up:
Photo:, Jewelry:

The second day was Dimitry and Heather doing shots (check them out working together, below) for her promo and look books. We got a chance to see the full jewelry line (although Heather is always adding new styles) and I want one of each.

Photograher Dimitry L. and Heather Hyde working on the Look Book.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sterling Williams Shoot- Fall 2007 Campaign and Look Book

Sterling Williams is a hot new Los Angeles designer that Dimitry and I got to shoot a couple of his ad campaigns for. I love his take on hip dressing (maybe because I'm not so hip). Anyway, we all had a great time working with Sterling and the models to create some cool looks. Check out his designs on his website.

Designer: Sterling Williams, Model: Eden

This is the finished look!

Model: Eden, ©Dimitry

This was another look for the Sterling Williams' 2007 campaign with Model, Pierce Ross. I love the funky vibe of this one.

Model: Pierce, ©

Pierce and I posing after the shoot. Boy do I need some make-up.

Model: Pierce, Hair/Make-up:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Always Beautiful Hair and Make-up

Dimitry L. and I work together a lot. We are currently working with 2 to 3 models a week helping them add images to their portfolios and that's in addition to our ad shoots and magazine assignments. D and I consider ourselves the dynamic duo because we do everything. D is an amazing photographer but often styles the shoots, too. I, of course, do both hair and make-up. We love our set-up because we are efficient and we work together very well so every shoot is fun and easy. So here is an idea that D executed with 2 different models.....the results were beautiful.

Dimitry shooting Breanna on the table.

One of the finished looks with Breanna.

Model: Breanna, ©

Another look with model Courtney on the table

Model: Courtney, ©

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Watching Dimitry do his thing

A few weeks ago Dimitry and I did this fabulous shoot in the hills above Sunset Blvd. The house was amazing (now I want a concrete and glass house with a killer view) and the model was gorgeous and Dimitry just did his thing. Here he is in action with model Jennifer working. it.

Model: Jennifer, Photographer: ©Dimitry,

This is the final look......really nice.

Model: Jennifer ©,

Me and Sam

Sam is my favorite entertainer. Sam Sarpong is the nicest, humblest, hardest working actor, rapper, model, clothing designer I know. We (Dimitry, Sam and I) work together a lot doing photo shoots for him and he always has a positive outlook on everything. You will see him all through my portfolio and currently on the home page of my studio's website. Plus I really have a crush on him...... :-)

Sherri's glamour team

Miss Sherri Shepherd posed with her glamour team (L-R: Adam Christopher/Make-up, Sherri, Me/Hair, Tamechi/Dress designer) before the "Who's Your Caddy" Red Carpet. We had a great time hooking her up and I must say she looks amazing!

Me and Drew Sidora

Here's gorgeous Miss Drew Sidora on her way to the 2007 BET Music Awards. I, of course, did her make-up and Bryson Conley did her hair. Fashion stylist, Alexis Balner, hooked up her amazing dress.

Me and Donald Trump

I jumped into this shot while working on Deal or No Deal behind the scenes with Donald Trump. I took this pic to show my sister, who was such a fan of the Apprentice. I got to spray The Donald's hair and powder his nose. It was a fun show to work on...... now I'm waiting on the next one.

Me and Astroanut Buzz Aldrin

So this was an amazing job.....I got to work with Dr. Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut who along with Neil Armstrong, made the historic 1969 Apollo XI moon walk. He is still very involved with all things space, and as a leading expert, lectures and travels the world discussing and developing ideas for continued space exploration. It was great to meet the man I watched make that historic walk on my black and white TV more than 25 years ago.

Me and Berry Gordy

Here is a pic of myself and the Legendary founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy, last year at a video shoot we did at his home. He was very charming and warm. We spent the morning shooting and he sat down with the crew as we ate lunch. I love this photo and it sits above my computer in my office to inspire me everyday.

Although I've been doing hair and make-up for years, I always need to find inspiration to keep motivated through the drama of this business. Overall, I can say moments like the one above really "keeps hope alive" and makes it worth all the trouble to continue doing what I truly love.