Monday, December 22, 2008

Fahionberry Editorial Spread

One of the last photo shoots we did at CS Studios was for an online magazine called Fashionberry. The 6-page spread just came out and here is my favorite shot from the layout.

Fashionberry Editorial, Model: Courtney, hair/make-up:

Check out the entire fashion layout featuring the eclectic designs of Kafkca Couture.......

CS Studio Closed (for now)

Last month, after 10 years, we closed our beloved photography rental studio. It was kinda of hard to finally walk away, I loved having my own studio to work out of, but it was time to make a change. I remember when we (my 2 friends Mirenda and Nathan) first came to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I had a vague idea of having a photo rental studio, but knew nothing about what it would entail. I have always been a learn as you go kind of person and after lots of trial and error, it wasn't long before we (Mirenda helped me manage the studio) had a great space. In the first 5 years we did lots of parties, art gallery shows, small movies, documentaries, name it. It was a blast and everyone loved using and working in our space.

In the second 5 years, I concentrated more on providing a space for photography photo shoots. It went by fast and before I new it the lease was up. I decided that I would like to own my next space so we decided to close and take a break. I can say that it is a relief but I am really missing my own space to work in. Luckily, there are a lot of good rental spaces available so now I can be a customer.......

Here are a few images that show our studio memories from the last 10 years.......

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio A

Val and Model Julie in hair/make-up room

Photographer Alan Mercer, Singer Leah Sadler and Val in Studio B after Leah's photoshoot

Evil Genius Viewing Party in Studio A

Model: Krista in back alley behind the studio...Photographed by

Val, DimitryL., Carrie Keagan and stylist Nikkie during photoshoot

Art show for Dan Wooster in studio A

Original CS Studio Lobby circa 1999-2006

Artist Dover Abrams and Mirenda in front of CS Studio during a sidewalk art show back in the day!!

Ya'll stay tuned......We'll be Back!!!