Monday, December 22, 2008

CS Studio Closed (for now)

Last month, after 10 years, we closed our beloved photography rental studio. It was kinda of hard to finally walk away, I loved having my own studio to work out of, but it was time to make a change. I remember when we (my 2 friends Mirenda and Nathan) first came to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I had a vague idea of having a photo rental studio, but knew nothing about what it would entail. I have always been a learn as you go kind of person and after lots of trial and error, it wasn't long before we (Mirenda helped me manage the studio) had a great space. In the first 5 years we did lots of parties, art gallery shows, small movies, documentaries, name it. It was a blast and everyone loved using and working in our space.

In the second 5 years, I concentrated more on providing a space for photography photo shoots. It went by fast and before I new it the lease was up. I decided that I would like to own my next space so we decided to close and take a break. I can say that it is a relief but I am really missing my own space to work in. Luckily, there are a lot of good rental spaces available so now I can be a customer.......

Here are a few images that show our studio memories from the last 10 years.......

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio Lobby after the 2006 remodel

CS Studio A

Val and Model Julie in hair/make-up room

Photographer Alan Mercer, Singer Leah Sadler and Val in Studio B after Leah's photoshoot

Evil Genius Viewing Party in Studio A

Model: Krista in back alley behind the studio...Photographed by

Val, DimitryL., Carrie Keagan and stylist Nikkie during photoshoot

Art show for Dan Wooster in studio A

Original CS Studio Lobby circa 1999-2006

Artist Dover Abrams and Mirenda in front of CS Studio during a sidewalk art show back in the day!!

Ya'll stay tuned......We'll be Back!!!

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