Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kaylah Marin in New York

I had a chance to go to New York this last weekend and work with new indie Alternative Neo-Soul singer, Kaylah Marin. She did a 4 day mini-tour and showcase which included appearances at Splash Bar and Fox News' Strategy Room. Here are some behind the scenes of Kaylah and the Cd cover that Dimitry L. photographed for her new club mix cd. Big shout-out to Jennifer Lyneis of UE3 Promotions for hooking up the trip.

Kaylah Marin Club Mix CD, Photo:, Hair/Make-up:, Styling:

Kaylah Marin @ Fox's Strategy Room

Kaylah Marin, Tony Graci and Valerie

Kaylah Marin @ Splash Bar New York

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