Monday, April 5, 2010

Clairdee's Photoshoot

My Dear friend and favorite singer, Clairdee, came to Los Angeles last week for a photo shoot with Photographer Leroy Hamilton.  Of course, I was on hand to do her hair and make-up while jewelry designer, Regina Davis, of Bejeweled by Gina, provided an amazing variety of one of a kind jewelry for the shoot.  We also had some stunning gowns provided by celebrity Hollywood designer Dalia MacPhee.  We had a blast and I will definitely post some of the final picks when they arrive.

                            Photographer: Leroy Hamilton and Singer: Clairdee

                                                        Val and and Singer: Clairdee

                                      Clairdee's headshot, Photo: Leroy Hamilton

                                               Jewelry Designer: Regina Davis and Me

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