Sunday, February 5, 2012

Octavia Spencer for the Win!!

So, it has been quite a busy beginning of the year for me.  I am really lucky to be doing the hair and/or makeup for a very talented, Oscar nominated Octavia Spencer, as she wins some amazing awards leading to the Oscars.  It is a very exciting time and I am betting all my cards on Octavia to win the big award! Whoo Hoo!!

                                         Octavia Spencer on the SAG Award Red Carpet/Hair by me

I had a chance to talk to Blogger extraordinaire, Patrice Grell Yursik, from Afrobella to give the details of Octavia's red carpet make-up for the Golden Globes.  Thanks a million to Afrobella for a fantastic interview.... check it out here..

                                           Octavia Spencer winning the GoldenGlobes/Makeup by me

Here's to winning the Grand Prize, Ms. Spencer, for a spectacular performance!!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! What a great start to the year!
-Courtney Smith