Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Always Beautiful Hair and Make-up

Dimitry L. and I work together a lot. We are currently working with 2 to 3 models a week helping them add images to their portfolios and that's in addition to our ad shoots and magazine assignments. D and I consider ourselves the dynamic duo because we do everything. D is an amazing photographer but often styles the shoots, too. I, of course, do both hair and make-up. We love our set-up because we are efficient and we work together very well so every shoot is fun and easy. So here is an idea that D executed with 2 different models.....the results were beautiful.

Dimitry shooting Breanna on the table.

One of the finished looks with Breanna.

Model: Breanna, ©DimitryL.com
Hair/Make-up: valerienoble.com

Another look with model Courtney on the table

Model: Courtney, ©DimitryL.com
Hair/Make-up: valerienoble.com

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