Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make-up Tips featuring Gloria Govan from BBWLA

So, I love doing make-up for red carpets and events and I had the chance to do Gloria Govan's make-up for the BBWLA Reunion show.  I have been getting lots of feedback and inquires as to what make-up I used, so here is a breakdown.  Gloria went to rapper T.I.'s book signing event after 6 hours of shooting the reunion and as you can see by the red carpet pic below, she still looked amazing. (Thanks to the primer I used under her make-up).

This amazing look was achieved with mostly L'Oreal make-up... as drugstore brands are some of my favorites.

Thanks a million, Gloria for including me in the fun..... and Thanks to L'Oreal for the make-up gift basket for Gloria.....

                                                    Gloria Govan from VH-1's BBWLA

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